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Reneu your mind. Reneu your body. Reneu your spirit. 



 Licensed Massage Therapist + Therapeutic Yoga Instructor


Serving Lewisville, Flower Mound, Argyle, Grapevine & surrounding areas.


Take the time to reneu your mind, reneu your body & reneu your spirit.





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Welcome to the all about ME page! As excited as I am to share with you the extent of my training, part of me feels you have arrived at the infamous page blending humility with name dropping. This is where I let you know all of the famous teachers I have hobnobbed with and the times I was asked by Cirque de Soleil to tour (didn’t happen)…… but, I do realize the importance of letting you know you are in qualified hands, so here goes (and not in any order of importance or kick backs)….

I have trained extensively with James Waslaski to provide pain free orthopedic & therapeutic manipulation in my massage sessions. I am a Reiki Master and continue to deepen my knowledge of Polarity Therapy  which brings balance to the nervous system by encouraging all the energetic pathways in the body to be flowing & operating together. I meet with experienced massage therapists and body workers on a weekly basis to share techniques, tips & new information that will benefit our clients. I like having a strong network of professional therapists I can refer clients to with confidence. Plus, one of them taught me to knit. That’s handy.

My yoga training includes classes, workshops & intensives led by gifted teachers such as Amy Weintraub, Susi Hately, Sarah Powers, Paula Weithman, and Shakta Kaur Khalsa. I’m certified as a LifeForce Yoga® Practitioner and Breathe Into Recovery™ Instructor. I was invited and am currently a part of the teaching team for Yoga Bridge which offers FREE yoga classes for cancer survivors funded in part by Bradie James' Foundation 56.   I completed my 500hr certification exploring the profound effect yoga has on the well being as it relates to people living with anxiety & depression.  I am a firm believer in offering qualified, compassionate & safe yoga practices to my clients. I want to assist & guide you to the place of “effortless effort” where all the puzzle pieces fall back into place. 

Any stretching techniques or exercises I can share to help bring you out of pain and into a place of ease in your life is completely my pleasure! This simple goal to make your life a little easier is why I continue to train at every opportunity.

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On the more personal side of things ….. I live in Flower Mound with my husband of 27 years. Our daughter is a happy college girl and our son is all grown up & lives in Waco. We have a menagerie which includes a couple of horses, 3 dogs and Misty, the vegetarian barn kitty that befriends mice. My interests include Ayurvedic studies, cooking, gardening, essential oils, attending yoga workshops, music, reading, hiking and skiing. There’s not much about life that I don’t love. But I am not a fan of being cold….or shots at the doctor. Or jello. And that’s me in a nutshell.


Happy Stuff! 





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