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Thirstee Thursdee

"song, song of the south.... 
sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth..." 

Just one of the amazing things found in the south is sweet potato pie. You may recall my pumpkin boycott  mentioned previously. Soooo, since I was bound and determined not to use pumpkin in my smoothies yet....

sw pot pieFotor.jpg

Hello, Sweet Potato.  Don't you always want to put an 'e' on the end of potato? And tomato?  

I do. I want to.

I was the 6th grade spelling bee champ when we lived in Germany and got a ball point pen for being the WINNER. I'm almost positive that potatoe or tomatoe was NOT my word. Just so you aren't intimidated by my coolness, I need to tell you that same year I also cried when the choir teacher wouldn't let me be in choir. We won't go there today. But I do hope all her children were born tone deaf and sing at the top of their lungs IN THE CAR ALL THE WAY TO THE POST OFFICE ON APRIL 15th.



Gorgeous Golden Pie!  

Picture doesn't do it justice. I feel like Pennsatucky. "Only so much healing in these two hands..."  Meaning, I can't put all the magic in the blender, wash the blender, get the kale out from between my toes where it dropped on the ground during this process - I'm serious - 


aaaaannnnnd take quality photos. Nope. can't do it. 

One thing I DO want to know is where are all the real life educational blog pics?

Like is it that important  to use the LID on the blender? It's important. 


Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie 

(makes 2 generously filled pint jars)  

8 oz Almond Milk

4 oz Sweet Potato Puree

1 banana

2 T peanut butter

4 large curly crispy Kale leaves

2 tsp cinnamon

2 tsp vanilla

1 or 2 C Ice Cubes

Whirl away your troubles in the blender and plant your face in this. 

Probably my favorite smoothie to date. How can kale taste like dessert? Trust me.  

whip cream_Fotor.jpg

If you really can't stand the thought of drinking something green

(very pale 'maybe baby' green in this case) 

then add the missing PIE ingredient  - whip cream for camouflage. 

This IS the south after all. We camouflage anything that stands still.  


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