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Friday Favs

Fun fun Friday!

I had a hard time this week deciding if I was looking at things I love.... 

or things that make my head explode. 

But I am loving a lot of things. Things being the key word.  

Annie Lennox told me to put a little love in my heart.... 

and here's what's working for me today: 

The candle aisle at Target. Candle-mania. 

root veggies_Fotor.jpg

Roasted root vegetables. Little olive oil drizzle, little hot pepper flakes. Yum! 

Daryl the Doll.

I have a feeling Daryl probably doesn't always (ever) put the toilet seat down.

In the woods, starving & freezing with zombies trying to kill you... 

I pick Daryl over Abercrombie Adam McSensitive anyday. Hands down.  

This Sunday night. Be there or be square. or squished. ewwww. The sound effects on that show are insane!  


New Books.

Sometimes books that hurt my brain & stretch my heart are good things. 

Except books about hooking up electronics. Things that involve red, yellow & white cords, AV/Input, Audio..... 

NO.  No means no.

I have a hard enough time with 3 remotes. Back in my day when we walked a mile to school uphill in the snow with pants under our dresses (thanks mom for catapulting me to the forefront of middle school fashion) ....we actually had to GET UP and turn a knob on the telly. Cable? No. Again, no. 3 channels.  Life was easy. 


fall candy_Fotor.jpg

Friday Favorite this week.....Fall Candy!

Which they did NOT have back in the day. Whew! Thank goodness for progress. 

reneu u.png