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Friday Favs...


Okayyyyy already. I get it. I've finally relinquished hold on the A/C. I shouldn't even admit that but I am SO HOT. Not in the cougar the hot flash from hell welcome to my life way. So now that you have that critical ( and yet so fascinating) background on me and we have a starting place - hellooooo - you can see why this fabulous weather with all my doors and windows open is my favorite time of year in Texas.

Fall weather lasts about the lifespan of a mosquito so try not to blink a lot during the month of October.  

  1. One of my favorite things about people is their attitude. A great attitude can rock no make up sweat pants day with Cheetos in your cart at the store when you run into Perfect Mom. (This will also blow Cougar Theory straight outta the water so tread lightly and don't play that card often) How many things on THIS LIST are part of your day? If you want to understand more about the physiological response involved in the process and you also want to be as Happy As A Pig.....awesome. They both mention singing. Go figure. 
  2. Pie is a no-brainer in the fall. Period. Summer - ice cream. Fall - pies. *big sigh emoji here*  Why people want to fight against nature is beyond me....My Grandma Amsberry taught me to make pie crusts & pies before I even knew there was such a thing as a recipe. I can still hear her asking me if I could "feel it". She made me close my eyes and work that dough. Try it. It's a great tip for working pie dough LESS. You can feel it come together a lot quicker than you can see it for some reason. Of course that little trick doesn't work with meringue and the high speed mixer so don't be a hero in the kitchen. I refer again and again to this blogMy disclaimer in this case will be "A homemade chicken pot pie completely from scratch will be our Thanksgiving dinner." I'm not a hero in the kitchen either. I just want no one to need a tetanus shot in here or get food poisoning. My simple goal after a meal - Everybody lives. Now for all y'all feeling tricked by a link to a chicken pie and not a REEEAAALLL pie, here's SOME LOVIN' for ya. 
  3. I know I said no PUMPKIN until November but this guy kills me! If the most clever name for a blog doesn't do it for you then I got nothin'. But seriously, think about it...marshmallows roasting outside in the fire pit, football games, sweaters...don't EVEN get me started. And now my gifting for the season is blown since all my friends know what to expect. Cute, tidy jars bursting with that deelish pumpkin butter. No way. Yes, way. 
  4. FALL GARDENING. Yes, that totally deserved all caps for many many many reasons. The first & most pure of heart is the simple reason that I love having my hands in the dirt. It feels good. (Plus when I go right inside and stick them in a bowl of pie dough with my eyes closed.....bam! chocolate pie crust!) oh not really not really. This is the paragraph that requires things to get repeated over and over. and over. Another reason I simply had to use all caps is becuzzzzz when I moved to Texas from Colorado my gardening learning curve was so high. SO HIGH. Then I figured out that spring and fall here are like summer in CO and my life became a lot simpler. I plant things in the fall to carry over winter that my BFF in C Springs planted in her garden in the spring that now have snowflakes on them and they're done. Dead. Frozen. So face for her. I win. Except in English class for run-on sentences. F. 

Last but not least favorite has got to be Morning Walks. Peaceful. Quiet. Unless a rooster lives across the street from you.  I'm fortunate that a lot of my work occurs in the afternoons and evenings. I've kind of accidentally turned into a 2nd shift person. So when I walk or workout in the mornings A. it's light out so coyotes don't kill me and drag my carcass into the woods. B. I'm not panting behind a school bus. C. Most of my normal neighbors have gone to work so they don't see me tripping up the street. WIn. 

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