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Thirstee Thursdee

 "Sunrise, sunset.....
sunrise, sunset......
swiftly flow the days....."

I wish this post could include a soundtrack so you would know it is not a fiddler on my roof but a proud rooster across the street that helps me greet the day. Every day. All day.

I call him White Noise Rooster now.  


Hang on to your hats and come down off the roof, Papa.

You'll want to be in on today's smoothie.

I want to tell you right now I'm calling it a smoothie to attract the health conscious. It has no greens or veggies in it. You could always add those things to boost the nutritional value. It will not affect the taste, just the color.

Welcome, comma splice, to my post. 


Welcome, ALMOND JOY, to my mouth. 


Almond butter + cacoa powder or cocoa powder - check this out if you are thinking (like me) "hey, what's the diff?" = Almond Joy. Simple math, folks, simple math. Welcome to my brain. It might not be a picnic up in here but we get to have LOTS OF TREATS. Life is full of treats. If you have trouble finding them, call me.

It's comma day at Reneu U,,,,,,, and treat day.


no candy bars were harmed during the creation of this concoction 

8 oz almond milk

1 C ice cubes

4 oz water

1 frozen banana

1 very happy, healthy, generously jumping off the TABLESPOON of cacao

1 T pepita seeds  (the anti-tapeworm smoothie just wasn't doing it for me as a title) 

1 T coconut butter  


Garnish with fruit. Whipped cream is optional, however, I must say, to exercise your rights as a grown up and consume a milkshake (faux or not) whenever you want an amazing way to be present and connect with the sunrise.

Or sunset. 

If you're like Mr. White Noise across the street then it doesn't matter WHAT TIME it is.  

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