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Thirstee Thursdee

"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood
a beautiful day for a neighbor
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?"

Totally had a Mr. Rogers kind of day.  


Called a friend and we met to explore a new hiking trail. It's that last little gravel parking lot on the right heading north on 2499 before the big bridge into Corinth/Denton. We parked and then walked back under the road and found an amazing trail. 3.75 miles ONE WAY. Pack some flares, take a lunch, toss out breadcrumbs, and tell your family where you are in case they have to send in search and rescue. 

One of the greatest things about today is that it was vanilla. Halloween parties, travel coming up, the holidays...busy, busy getting ready to hit.

I needed a nice walk in nature with a favorite friend and no drama (read - I didn't fall down because she's hilarious and we laughed ourselves blind). The only drama is I'm still after her peanut butter brownie recipe. Stay tuned, my friends. 


We saw a vanilla horse.

egg nog_Fotor.jpg

I guess a sneaky way to add some excitement to a vanilla smoothie is with....


Everyone is all about THE GREAT PUMPKIN. No, not me. I skip pumpkins and go straight for the hard stuff. I almost hung my stocking up by the chimney with care this was soooo good.  Slightly calorie DENSE so a little goes a long way. I had 6 ounces for breakfast and 2 Cups left over. Afternoon snack after the (ahem- 300 calorie burn in the forest - hold your applause) trail hike AND enough for breakfast tomorrow.  DOOMSDAY PREPPERS wants me on the show. Speaking of which...have you seen that? One word -  "crazy". As in a couple kerosene cans from a full generator. (I can't use one word to describe anything.) You should know that by now. I'm an Eskimo. I have a million words for snow.

And crazy people. 


smoothie close_Fotor.jpg

Welcome back to the light.  

Vanogga Smoothie (like what I did there?) 

1/2 C Egg Nog of your choice

1 C water

1 banana

1 C frozen pineapple chunks

10-12 walnuts & almonds tossed in

1 big scoop vanilla  PROTEIN POWDER  I get mine at Sprouts

2 tsp vanilla

1 tsp ea. cardamom & cinnamon  

vanilla glass_Fotor.jpg

Don't pass the vanilla moments in your life. They're priceless. Those are the moments that make life feel like a hug. 

I love this MUNDANE LIST


Make sure not to miss the classic Charlie Brown show on TV this year.

Watch it with a friend.  

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