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Birthday - isms

Howdy from Texas! I hope everyone is having a great morning.

I also hope you all have cake for breakfast.

Whoever invented a cup of cake is my hero.

I like a cup of cake for breakfast about as much as I like a bathtub full of chocolate. 


Birthday festivities commenced yesterday watching football with friends at THE RUSTY BEAGLE. What's not to love when you kick off your birthday weekend with fried pickles and a wing sampler?

ugh I haaate this part....the internet can be a place of fantasy where everything looks so colorful and prittee so I feel I must confess something you may not know about me...

according to mi familia my birthday celebration lasts for the whole month of October.  

Okayyyy, confession over. Now back to me... 

nut house_Fotor.jpg

I've never done anything like this so I thought it would be fun to set some goals. No, not that I've never set goals on my birthday...but that I've never deliberately set goals. *gasp* you say?

Yes, really, I say.

With that being said, I figured it's probably a good idea (according to all the goal setting experts I checked with) to establish goals for some personal & professional growth, financial AND health improvements in order to be a more well rounded (oh, yes please), productive and happy member of society.

Here goes. Welcome to my year.  


  1. Adopt a rescue animal. My 3 dogs, 2 horses and barn kitty might be getting lonely. I've heard Russian Blue cats are most excellent and don't shed. That would probably be the best inside cat to sneak past my husband. He travels; he'll never notice. 
  2. Crochet a whole afghan. I say it that way because of the projects with half of the fringe, the new popcorn stitch I invented on one end of a scarf, the pot holders still looking for a kitchen to call home...Come to find out - actually finishing what you start is good for self esteem. New Mantra "I am not a quitter" 
  3. As a part of being more financially responsible and taking an interest in my retirement plan I resolve to: Give up using credit cards. Even for the "save 15% MORE TODAY RIGHT NOWWWW"  Good Bye impulse shopping - I must quit you.  
  4. MLD training In Houston in May. Happy Mother's Day to me.  
  5. Paint the hallway bath a 'refreshingly light shade of sea spray green invoking the freedom and mysteries of the sea'. Sounds true in my head. If you find that color beam it on over.   In the meantime any color described as fresh, airy & innocent belongs in the bathroom. Like nothin else....
  6. Vote responsibly. I'll start by learning the names & positions of "prominent politicians". Good politics begin at I suggest no whining or complaining on a national level if we haven't even made an attempt to be effective down the street. Guilty. 
  7. Overcome my fear of yeast. I will triumph  with these cinnamon rolls to start.
  8. Run a 5K. Without stopping. That may sound laughable to some, but....can I just sayyyyy...a manageable goal to me is the fact that since I can't even run .75 miles without stopping (or hurling) I am imagining it will feel great to go outside and run for 30 minutes simply because it FEELS GOOD. I lost one of the best friends I've ever had last year to pancreatic cancer and my dad lives with kidney failure and chemotherapy for lung cancer....Not to mention the fact that we all are touched somehow by &^%^$# cancer.  What better way to honor our loved ones than by living a healthy life & using our bodies as God intended. Boo on you, cancer, I say.
  9. Do 15 boy push-ups. Without crying. 
  10. Count my blessings everyday. 



KCeat cupcakes_Fotor.jpg

As cliche as this may sound, I truly believe in the magical benefits of gratitude. Every single thing every single day has value and goodness. If you are reading this post then believe me there are millions of people that would trade places with you in a heartbeat. For a hot shower - for indoor plumbing - for a safe street where kids can play - for religious freedom - for choices.

Share the wealth AND the love. Smile at strangers. Eat cupcakes for breakfast. Be a thoughtful driver. And never ever miss the opportunity to make the world a better place. You are loved and have value beyond belief. 

Share your birthday goals with me! I'd love to cheer you on!  

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