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Friday Favs...

Hello, November. Long time, no see.

Ok, I think my vote is in. November is my favorite month.

Hello, Favorite Month. 


1. It's my favorite month to smell.  

I am dying to get into the nearest Yankee Candle store. I love the interesting description of a cozy sweater.  

And I'm super glad that Workout Socks is not in the fall line.  


2. November is the month of the pumpkin. 


Caramel sauce makes everything better. Sooooo

pumpkin caramel sauce?  

My family & friends better be prepared. I'm putting this crack sauce on scrambled eggs if necessary.   

Christmas spoiler - this. This is what you're getting from me.  

pear butter.jpg

3. Hello, my name is Pear Chai Butter and I'm fabulous. 

I made this earlier in the week.

I added chai spices (grated ginger, cardamom & a vanilla bean) but really based my fun project on the recipe here

More holiday spoiler alert: This is in the basket with the caramel sauce.  

Laundry was goin', pear butter was bubblin' , nobody had fallen off my massage table...

my week was coming together and life was good.  

And then Kalinda flipped me out!! You two faced little sneaky ... 

private detective, you.  

I didn't see that coming. Duhhh. Sad sad sad.   


4. Hello fellow Texas girl. These look fabulous not only because they aren't fried, but they also have no yeast. (My nemesis that I have vowed to overcome this year)

5. Can this really be happening? Is it legal here? 

When I say 'Pumpkin' !

You say 'Fudge'! 

Pumpkin! Fudge! Pumpkin! Fudge!  

Pinterest is your friend right about now.  

I am the Bubba to your Forrest Pumpkin.

We gotcher fried punkin, yer baked punkin, yer punkin muffins, yer punkin..... 

ok you get the idea.  

Have a wonderful November. Remember to move your legs because you can.

Smile and be polite whether you want to or not.  

I'll just be over here in my own private pumpkin patch freaking out. 


reneu u.png