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Thirstee Thursdee

"Don't worry, about a thing...
cause every little thing, gonna be all right.
Rised up this morning, smiled with the risin' sun..."

Thank you, Bob, for the funky morning jams.


How can you NOT be in a good mood when you hear that? Or see geese against a sunrise?  

Well, I'll tell you how.  


When you're planning a quick smoothie on the run out the door and....slim pickins in the fridge and the dreaded spotty b'nana mocks you from the counter.  Wahhh it's a Charlie Brown moment. 

Well, well, well, foiled again, Spot.  Brown bananas do not stop me from my mission. 


I use what I have. Which 9 times out of 13 will include "senior" bananas.  Anyone who knows me, knows it's VERY DIFFICULT for me to be near the over ripeness of Mr. Banana. Ugh. I should have been born a monkey since I hardly wait for the green to wear off. If a banana (seriously - how many times can I use that word in this ONE simple blog?) is lacking the green tint....I'm out.  Bananabananabananabananabanana.

Plus, I don't know if anyone besides me does this...but I energetically FILL my fridge with all great freshness of The Green. and then i take my time eating it

...too much time.

I can't even share the photo of what must have once been a lime and now is a dangerous weapon the size of a kevlar grape. If I had a lot of money I would try to throw it through my kitchen window to see what would happen.  (Yes, my more mature half is traveling and no one is here to watch me this week.)  

But anyhoooo, back on track... the stale fridge with limited choices. Aha!! Smoothies save you from waste.  And your waist...bahaha. I got a million of 'em. Hurry back. not...



Splash of orange juice (smell it to make sure it isn't sour-y like lemonade) 

A nice healthy scoop of Vega (or another) vanilla protein powder

A couple handfuls of dried out shredded carrots

The biggest, prettiest brown banana you can muster up

some water, some crushed ice cubes

3 big jammin' handfuls of whatever greens you have crying to be eaten

(no lie - I have found if you rinse old salad greens in a colander, the dark, slimy pieces wash away. Magic!)

1 BIG teaspoon of cinnamon pulls it all together. 

Then Whip it! Whip it good. (I have no business writing a blog)  

It's natural to wish you were me right now. I get that a lot.  

...  and check out my new girlfriend I found

for a truly fabulous day.  


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