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Thirstee Thursdee

"he did the mash...
he did the monster mash...
the monster mash...
it was a graveyard smash..."

Ohhh, soometimes I can be SO creative and original. I impress myself.

And then, sometimes not. 


So now it's getting colder here.

And wetter. 

"Can I just have one or the other?" whined Goldilocks. 


Too hot. Too cold. Too wet.  

Too dark to run. Too early. Too scary....wait! Excuses are for sissies.   

Calories take no prisoners. Donuts don't apologize when they rent space on your thighs... 

Drop and give me 20. 

So back to being all original, creative and uh, stuff. 

I came up with an apple pie smoothie concoction and looked to the internet for validation - duhhh, there's like a gatrillion apple pie smoothie recipes. 

Look at all those people that think just like me!  

Bless their apple pickin' hearts. 

I am one of those weird Americans that doesn't like apple pie.  

(oh how I am wishing for the teeny tiny font right now. ) 

I can't believe I said that out loud to my internet homegirls.  


Sorrrreeee. Excommunicate me now and get it over with. 

I don't like cake to touch the ice cream. *gag emoji NOW* 


But I love apple butter. Apple crumb cake. Apple spice donuts. Oh stop!

It's torture up in here.  

apple plate.jpg

So I'm thinking "No pumpkins yet."  

Last day of the APPLE worship.  

My big fat workout was a 2 mile run

50 high knees

50 jumping jacks

50 crunches

50 push ups (5 sets of 10 of those bitches)  

50 walking lunges

( I wish my driveway wasn't so loooong. More whining from Goldilocks) 

Who are we kidding here?

Goldi is so far past whining and is now blubbering like the new girl discovering an orange jumpsuit for the first time.

Holy COW that was a SweatFest!! 

Smoothie Reward and hell yes I added whipped cream. 

apple smoothie.jpg


1 C almond milk

2 C ice cubes

1 apple

1 scoop vanilla protein

3 T oats

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp EACH nutmeg & cloves

1 T chopped walnuts for topping AFTER you glop the whip cream on it.  

Mix all ingredients except nuts & whipped cream. Pour it in a big festive glass jar and lovingly replenish your body's nutritional needs.

(now doesn't that sound sane, rational & well thought out?)  

It also sounds like more than 'drop and gimme 20'   Someone lied.

But in a good way.  


gf ass.jpg

Best birthday card ever from my Colorado Rocky Mountain High BFF.  

I heart her from the bottom of my gf knickers.  

reneu u.png