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Friday Favs...

Hello to the first Friday in October. I'm so in love with you.   



Pumpkin Schmumpkin. October is the month of the apple.  

I knowwww that's not a popular opinion but I'm giving props to the apple.  

Pumpkins = pumpkin pie = Thanksgiving = November. Rules, people, rules. 

apple bread_Fotor.jpg
  1. I made this APPLE BREAD.   It lasted less than 24 hours in my house. Super quick and easy. The only thing I did differently was to drizzle  melted butter mixed with brown sugar & vanilla over the whole masterpiece before baking. As if canned biscuits slathered in vanilla glaze needed a little oomph. It's never enough, she sighed. Never enough. 
  2. Speaking of never enough as in never enough TIME. Puh-leeeze. Where does it go? Well, half my life now goes to Scandal & Netflix thanks to my best frenemy. Pass the guacamole. I can't take it. Thankfully I can check in for a quick 12 minute workout in between episodes.  The Fittnessista has another insane (in a good way - not the hug myself jacket way) way to sneak in some quick EFFECTIVE (yowza) cardio. 
  3. As a massage therapist, I've used all 3 of these products. Love them! Love love love. Grandpa's Garden has these great microwaveable mini blankets. A friend going through the chills of chemo showed me hers. Awesome to lay on, warm your couch or add a nice, comforting warmth to your lap or chest. Heads up! They have a great sensory integration application. Very soothing & grounding.  Mother Earth Pillows carries other products my clients love. Crazy when October brings cooler weather and I bundle my little massage peeps with hand warmer mitten things, heart warmers for the chest.....aaahhhh. I wish I could work 24/7. Ok, calm down, crazy girl, you do not. I don't. I don't wish that but I DO love my job.  And...something I use DAILY, every day, all day till the midnight hour is this magical water bag.  I do not know how my friends at Body Logic in Dallas do it, but I swear when I order something it's on my doorstep within a couple days. Phone calls, subbing items out of stock for a more deluxe version at no extra cost, personalized's like they KNOW ME or something. (and they don't, I'm kidding, but they do make me feel like a rock star) Hey, look, #1 - 1 favorite thing,  #2 - 2 favs, #3 - wow! 3 favorites...The party is O.V.E.R.
  4. Another Friday Fav.  Souper McSouperson.   My newsletter this month includes a really creamy, comforting bowl of well, basically, warm coconut milk with some veggies tossed in. But when it comes to REAL food bloggers on their A Game - I respect the greatness. Follow me to the Mother Ship of SoupI want to be her neighbor and pretend to be sick. All the time. Phone rings, "Hey, Karen, it's me. I just stepped on a Lego. Can I have some soup, please?"  I'm SO doing that.  Please let me know your favorites and be sure to let Karen know, too. (That increases my odds of getting free soup) 
  5. favorite treasures I found recently are these Kantha Quilts from India.   "Like our fingerprints, no two of these authentic, hand-sewn vintage quilts are the same. And like each of us, their imperfections and quirks are what make them unique and interesting. From the birthplace of yoga, they are perfect for use while meditating or entranced in yoga nidra. Tote your own distinctive blanket to yoga class for the ultimate in comfort and style. Or just throw them over you and your loved ones..."   My friend, Gloria, has an import business (the coolest, most down-to-earth jet setter you will ever meet) and sells these at a local yoga studio.  They do not stay in stock. Literally fly off the shelves when she gets her shipment in.  Contrary to popular belief, yoga chicks in stretchy pants DO kick and pull hair when these quilts come in. 



I am loving a lot of things today. Fridays are awesome.

And here's another reason why:  

"want you to know how much the holding of poses in yin helped for my biopsy. Had to be completely still. For 30 minutes. Laying down. Have done harder yin poses than that. Slept thru it. The practice of yoga and all it entails made a big difference."  

I woke up to that text from a student today and my heart filled with gratitude. Gratitude for the teacher that taught me so I could teach someone else. When you share something and see it have positive applications in real life scary makes your day. Because it's not about the teacher - it's about the student. Whoot! You go, girl! Rock that big yoga brain. 

Since my middle name is Irreverent  -  hopefully I get to see her stitches...

Never enough. Someone just doesn't know when to stop. 



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