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Holiday Detox

How's that home made whip cream working out for ya?

Maybe a little too much PUMPKIN PIE ?

Help is on the way.

ruby juice_Fotor.jpg

25 Detox Smoothies can get you back on track.

No rule says you can't swap out a meal (or a big cheeseburger) for one of these sippable meals from Dr. Oz. 

I don't even need another reason to LOVE Skinny Ms. but I'm digging the way she gives the benefits behind the ingredient choices for this detox juice recipe. 

I add a few drops of doTERRA cilantro oil to the finished product  for the added benefits of removing mercury and other harmful minerals from the body. 


Fresh pressed, organic juice is my first choice when I'm going serious detox. Makes my blood do the happy dance. Oh my and what to do with the leftover pomegranate juice. Ok, maybe forget the detox part for just a quick second but I adore Izy and thought that was THE cutest idea. 

Green tea has great health benefits for your digestive system, too. I love web purchases with my health in mind that end up helping me out on the holiday shopping side of things as well. Score.


And my all time fail safe go to recipe for a detox is the cabbage soup recipe

Seriously.  I don't measure or count calories when I have this on my stove. {Tip: simmer onions in broth until desired doneness. Once you add the tomatoes to a recipe...your onions will stay in their current state of doneness.} Change it up. I add carrots, a squeeze of lemon, a splash of flavored balsamic, green beans, celery, red pepper flakes...common sense will tell you that as long as you keep the potatoes, corn, bread, and cheeses out of this recipe....really, it's vegetables. Yum. Good for you. 

Hope these ideas were helpful for what goes into your BODY. 

If you're looking for a stress free way to start your holiday season and watch what you are putting into your MIND....

then join us Friday night in Coppell. 

Restorative Yoga. Essential Oils. Friendly Faces.

What's not to love? 

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