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SunDay FunDay

November, I am quitting you.


Welcome to my world. Autumn lighting, wooden carved pumpkins and The Tree.

A lot of action up in here right now. 

 Great way to start the day.

Except if you order the healthy French toast breakfast and sub 2 over medium for the scrambled egg whites and "switch out that turkey sausage for some bacon while you're at it...."

You can do that if you have fall pumpkins in your living room next to your Christmas tree.

Let's get the party started. I'm a good time on a breakfast date.

The girl that gets syrup on your newspaper.  That would be ME. 


And if it wasn't 68 degrees outside I could almost pretend I was with Mrs. Claus decorating the fence out by the reindeer barn. 

home depot_Fotor.jpg

Best colors ever....


I got sucked into the bright lights and shatterproof balls. 

Obvi unsupervised at Home Depot while Somebody is getting concrete.  

and noooo concrete does NOT come in Christmas colors which I thought was a GENIUS marketing observation. 

Let's hear it for women in hardware stores. 

A WHOLE RACK of dining out. What the what? I'm all over that...

except that's how this day started and I guess there is some RULE that says one meal out a day (um, try week)  is sufficient. 

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