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Naughty & Nice Christmas Playlist

Who wakes up and says "I SO hope I get more Christmas Muzac in my face today?" 

No one. No one says that. 


You especially don't say that if Grandpa Amsberry made his annual Tom & Jerrys last night.  Those days are long gone but made for some wonderful memories. That one night a year when 6 year olds in our family could DRINK!

Oh, we didn't really driiiink - we were helpers. Grandpa needed tasters. 

{And I do jest for artistic liberties and the sake of intertaining reading material.} 

We HAD to be at least 10 I'm sure. 

Rosettes are another tasty Christmas tradition in my family.  An easy click on the pic takes you right to a great tutorial.

As a kid you don't really understand the benefits of standing over a boiling VAT of oil holding a wooden stick....


....or why it's necessary to drop molten sugar LAVA into tea cups of water to discover soft ball stage.

Further reinforcing the idea that age appropriate activities in my house were to


Tip from Santa:

One of THE best parts of Christmas and being an adult is activating your own child labor force.

Make your holidays fun and easy -

and let me help you spend your money. 

Check out the following Christmas tunes and create your own Muzac. 

Sorreeee for the marathon music list.

It's so hard to pick just a few.

Some are fun, some for grown-ups, some for fancy dinner soirees you'll be throwing...but it's a little smattering of my all time favorites. 

Smattering is one of those dead give-away words

when grandma has been in the egg nog. 

Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays to you and yours.

From me and mine.

Because I don't know when to stop.

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