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Home alone with food

Oh My Gaaahhhhsssshhhh.  Ice Day Number 4.


I'm still home shopping and cooking. 

Welcome to a day in the life.....


I seriously woke up and thought "What would I wear if I was 4..."

Moose socks! 

All the better to make fudge with...

Great recipe. One of those old faithfuls you make SO MANY times during the holidays you remember it by heart. 


It occurred to me as I was playing with my phone and trying not to drop it in the boiling fudge lava that rarely do we see real life pictures on the web. Lots of beautifully appetizing food styling. I look around my kitchen & think...where?

Where are those food styler people?

Show me kitchen carnage anyday. 


Countertop Carnage

fudge carnage_Fotor.jpg

Fudge Carnage

Random. I linked the website to my fav cutting board pictured. I purchased a couple of those last summer on a trip to Salida. 

Chopped that fudge like a pro. 

More Shopping

Man Shopping

  1. The DUDE abides
  2. Uhhh, someone say HOMEBREWCheck out the write up on my man BFF over at the Knowles Brothers Craft Brewing. Uh-huh. Know him.  If you're in the DFW area head over to the Dallas Wine Toy Store.  Or visit the friendly guys at HomeBrew Headquarters. So much to little time. 
  3. The Gardener Guys will need some stuff under the tree.
  4. Tractor Supply. 'Nuf said. 
  5. Brookstone always has unique gift ideas. 

Tiny Tots Shopping

  1. Everything Lego. Everything.
  2. Unleash the creative genius in your house. 
  3. Techno kiddos
  4. The best gift of all may be the gift of your time. Maybe consider volunteering together at a local animal shelter or help serve hot meals together...
  5. If you don't really like the kids parents.. PERFECT
close spoon_Fotor.jpg

and kids LOVE candy.

Just ask any 4 year old what they want for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Please get me out of this house. 

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