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monday motivation

Oh, man! I think I need a vacation from my vacation. I'm not going to complain about laundry or the evidence of all those vacay treats. It is what it is.  A break from every day life and a time to re-connect with family & friends.  Today's Monday Motivation is all about taking the bull by the horns! No regrets - no looking back at all those WONDERFUL lattes, scones, and bagels ( you can see where my carb-o-licious taste buds take me )   *sigh* I yam what I yam like Popeye, right, 'cept I don't reeeaalllly crave spinach.  I tell myself I do & every now and then my taste buds are TRICKED into a smoothie or a salad - and yum! - I never regret it. 


But how about a quick & painless workout to get back on track? 

20 minutes of cardio ( your choice but make it a little breathless ) 

10 triceps dips

10 lunges

10 push ups

10 squats

10 breaths in side plank ( yes, you have 2 sides )  

10 breaths in a standing balance (again - yes, use each leg) 

25 jumping jacks

Repeat Tricep dips through jumping jacks 3 times. 

Bam! You're right back on track, none the worse for wear and as strong as the rocks I saw lining the Arkansas River in Colorado. 




You know those moments you think you'll remember for EVAH and wish you could freeze in time?

This day was one of them... 

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