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Thirstee Thursdee

If you like pina coladas.....and gettin' caught in the rain.... 

Have fun getting THAT song outta your head. you're welcome. 

pina colada smoothie.jpg

If you're anything like me, Thursdays is where the motivation can, let's just say....SLIP a little.  Because Thursday is aaaaalmost like a weekend day, right?  'Specially if there's a Thursday night football game on then it REALLY feels like a weekend.   (I'm ahead of myself but not by much - FOOTBALL season is almost here. Can't wait. CANNOT wait.)  While you're picking your favorite team and letting me know  because I love football that much, here's a green smoothie recipe guaranteed to tropically trick your taste buds.  Stay on track, folks, back away from the nachos. New cheat meal mantra "Never on Thursdays". If you start your weekend on a Thursday - ugh - Sunday night rolls around waaay too soon and seriously,  that's 4 days outta 7 that you do not want to pay for.  Let Monday Motivation and Thirstee Thursdees keep your health and well being on track. Because I love you. and football. I really love football.  Bring ittttt!!!

Pina Green Colada

1 C Coconut Water

1/4 C Coconut Milk  

Couple Handfuls of Spinach

1 C Frozen Pineapple Chunks

1 Banana

5 Strawberries

1/2 C water & a handful or two of ice  

A little bit of frozen Lite Cool Whip to top it off is your 2 point conversion.

For the Win.  Life is Good. 


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