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Thirstee Thursdee

"You need coolin'.....     baby, I'm not foolin'..."  

Thank the Jimmy Page posse for that ear candy. You're welcome. 


The ONLY trouble with green smoothies is that they're, green. As in, green around the gills you're thinking. *sigh* I know; I'm right there with ya.

Or maybe I should say I USED to be. 

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Leave it to me to find a way to get the green down.  After reading a great article on the benefits of kale, I decided to be a grown up and quit whining.  Last week we added cool whip.  But since this week is the new grown up version of me, I added (what else...) JELLY.  Now the whole blood sugar spikes & carbo effects of smoothies can almost counter the great GrEeN benefits & alkaline environment you're trying to create in your system. Hence, the protein & cinnamon. And what is the greatest protein you can think of that goes with jelly? Excellent, grasshoppers. 


PBJK Smoothie 

1 C almond milk

1 C water

1 C crushed ice

Big handful of kale

Bananas (1 ripe & mushy on the counter & 1 frozen in perfect chunks from the fridge of preparation)  

1/2 C blueberries

2 T peanut butter

dash of cinnamon

drizzle of vanilla

Hit the go button on your blender & voila!  Green goodness.  Add a big blob of fruit preserves (lo sugar, sugar free, just fruit mushed up...) Your call.  And use a straight grown up spoon for crying out loud. What am I? 8?  

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