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monday motivation

The day started out innocently enough.


And got out of hand in a heartbeat


which leads to two things:
What to do with all the blueberries (duh)


and how to CAMOFLAUGE the calorie bonanza. Yikes...

Monday Motivation Workout

(which is AWESOME this week btw)   

Thrills N Hills

There are some insane hills near my house, which luckily are just a hop-skip-n-a-jump (or more like 10 minute walk/jog thing I do) away. Sooooo, when I get there I go up and down the hill while my neighbors peek out their windows to make sure I'm not a casing the neighborhood.  Because, seriously, I go up and down the street about 6 times. Ouch-a-rific for the thighs. When it comes to workouts, my brain shrinks to the size of a gnat with about the same attention span, so it's up to ME to keep it entertained. I walk up the hill - wait for it - sideways with deep lunges. I've been know to walk down backwards. Sometimes I run up it and pretend I'm Rocky. I actually pretend like I'm being chased by walkers  but that gets TOO SCARY for me and I want to go home. 

Ok, long story short (or longer) I jog over to the hills, play around up and down until I'm all sweaty and my thighs start crying, then I walk home. 

backwards. all the way. swear. 

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