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Thirstee Thursdee

 "I wear my sunglasses at night....."

Be still, my Corey Hart.

Oy! Enough with the blueberries already you say! Calm the heck down I say. 

You knowwwww how I spent my Saturday so you should not be surprised that I'm  (frantically) experimenting with all kinds of exciting ways to use blueberries. 


and lemons.

I'm also trying to learn (I am on the bottom side of the curve right now obvi) how to take photos that aren't BLURRY AND IN YOUR FACE SO MUCH. 


Note the cutest cleverest bestest name ever! IMHO.  


also note the clean countertop which is a miracle in itself since that's where the bills and important sales literature that magically appear in my mailbox EVERDAY usually sit. and collect dust. 

BerryLicious Lemon Tea 

Heat 3 C water on stove and simmer with: 

1 C strawberries

1 C blueberries

small handful of chopped basil leaves

1/4 C honey

I removed from heat (well not at first really until the fruit splashes found my arms & I got smarter. and burned.)  and used an immersion blender to whip that stuff around. The liquid gets beautifully jewel toned & I'm being really serious and eloquent as I can be for a moment. Let it rest a few minutes, pour carefully through a fine meshed strainer. Add juice from 6 lemons and refrigerate. I add about 1/4 C to a glass with ice cubes & fill remaining way up with water.  Very current, bohemian & full of anti-oxidants. Every now and again I WILL toss in a word that hopefully someone other than me has to look up.


bad honey_Fotor.jpg

Stay tuned for one day when I publish a blog (who am I kidding - I could fill a book already) on failed pictures that have no business being published. This is one of them. It's saved on my desktop as bad honey. 

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