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monday motivation

Operation Husband Birthday Weekend. 


What do you get for the guy that has everything? (Yes, those shadows are sharks in the water at Lake Grapevine but I'll get to that in a New York minute.)  

Pocket knives, balls of twine, rusty pliers, a WELDER, WD 40,  tents and tarps, ummm, so you see where I'm going with this, right? If it is noisy, dirty, catches things on fire or sticks stuff together for eternity, I can guarandamntee it is in The Garage. 

  Kayak lessons for the win.

Except for the sharks which I'm sure were LEAPING around the water (turns out they're just 200 lb gar is all) it was so much fun. 


"You in the hat, your paddle is upside down."  

Who knew there is an upside down to a paddle? You don't see me raising my hand in this house, I'll just tell you now.  

I was wearing a hat. I pretended I didn't hear that nonsense. 


The party continued. 

SO thirsty you do not even know. We churned some serious calories on that lake. Only because we are immature & couldn't take NORMAL  lessons. During the 'feel free to paddle around & practice what you learned' time at the end - we raced and pretended to be on Deadliest Catch saving people. 

It felt so unbelievably (as in really, don't believe me) good to work my arms all morning. 

I'm continuing to Honor The Arms today. Check out this workout I found.  

Monday is all about the mindset. Have a great one! 

....and if you see The Man around - give him a big birthday smooch!! 



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