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Why Hump Day is making me happy...

Well it sure as heck isn't because  SURVIVOR starts today because nooooo, that's next week.  I don't want to turn this into an As The Island Turns post but....Colton? Seriously, he makes me want to toss his little pink bermudas into the deep end. Just sayin'....


Hump Day is makin me happy today because of BLING and new websites I found.   A few tips to try:

  1.  Feet Bling. Wear some punchy socks today. New socks make your toes wanna runnnn.
  2. Drink 8 glasses of water. (Add some drops of Wild Orange or Grapefruit essential oil to keep the Bling in your water!) 
  3. Wear this Lip Bling during workouts. And visit my friend in Highland Village to gitchu some. 
  4. This Brown Shugga Scrub over on Etsy. All the cells in your body are thanking you right about now. 
  5. My favorite shampoo evah. Strangers sniff me. It smells that good. 

Okay, grasshoppers, you're all set with some new Bling.  

Visit my friends and tell 'em I said 'hey'.

Then we can all be friends and sit at the same lunch table.  

and wear matching socks.  

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