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Take the time to reneu your mind, reneu your body & reneu your spirit.





Monday Motivation

Today's motivation is about the power of love. The way love liberates.

It liberates you and those around you. 

I spent the weekend learning compassionate, safe, sound and medically based methods for teaching yoga to cancer patients & survivors.  

This is where I am today. Love has been coming out of my eyeballs like water. 

I hope it never runs dry.  

  • If you have legs - move them
  • If you have lungs - stretch them
  • If you have arms - hug someone
  • If you have a heart - make it pound so you can feel it.  

And the love the world so hard they can feel it in China.

And Syria.  

God Bless you all with abundance in your lives & hearts

and in the words of a favoritely beautiful BFF

"I hope you all go to bed clean and sober."  


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