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why hump day is making me happy...

Whoot!! Yes - it IS because Survivor starts tonight.  My life is complete.

It's also because when my husband is out of town being somebody important I can leave my shoes all over the house. Seriously - you can walk in my house, follow the trail and know exactly what I did all week. I'm an 8 year old when left unattended. Go ahead and guess if I make my bed. Guess...



Those aren't the only reasons Hump Day is making me happy this week...

I found some great websites written by super smart people and I met a new friend that INVENTED something. Awesome week. Probably happy enough for many hump days but then I wouldn't get to share my exciting life with you about being a slob and Heaven forbid that would ever happen...

okay okay enough jibber jabber - (who SEZZZZZ stuff like that anyway?) I might need a post on pet peeves. Mine would start with people that make up words.  And don't GET TO THE POINT. I hear ya'. Here goes: 

  1. I picked up a fab mag  at the grocers and realized it was the UK version only when everything I wanted to buy was not in Uncle Sam dollars. I wish I knew the British word for dolt. If the shoe fits....bahahahaa. Read it with an English accent for a jolly good time. Or just fly right and look up the version that serves you best. 
  2. I attended a wonderful Yoga Teacher Training with my friends at Yoga Bridge and met the sweetest yoga teacher in Kaufman County. (In the state of Texas if the truth be known) I asked her where she got her cool bolster and *gasp* uh...she  invented it. On Judith Lasater's website under approved props, too? That's huge in the yoga world.  Uh-huh. Know her. 

  3. I found this one when I was looking for a brownie recipe to take to the studio and share after the yoga class I teach on Tuesdays. Wowza! My chocolate lovin' head almost exploded. Yes, there is something on my nose and no, it isn't brownie batter. Sadly, there is no level too low for me to sink and get my peeps to yoga. 
  4.  "Each contestant will receive a t-shirt, GLOW STICK and reflectors"  Shut Up!!!

    I'm in. I glow in the dark. Running at night. Scary. Enough said. Ohheeegaaaa!

    Stop already. I cannot take it. Seriously. Stop. How many grown-ups do you think wet their pants during a 5K? It only takes one.....great

  5. Love Her


lazy camel_Fotor.jpg

And if you see The Man at the airport or in Alabama or wherever he is this week, try to find out what he does. It has to do with water and golf courses ('turf' in Important Land - sorrreee)  but for the life of me...I cannot even tell you where he is or what he does.

Ohmugosh Ohmugosh Ohmugosh...what if he's in the mafia and I never knew ...

Told ya, I'm 8. It's no picnic in this brain...don't be hatin'. 

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