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Friday Favs....

Yo, Friday, we got this.


Something friendly about a Friday. Like all your hard work is noticed when Friendly Friday rolls around and says, "I'm putting my feet on the furniture." 

Living fearlessly is like being a kid - with grown-up privileges.  

If you're like me the grown-up part never enters the equation. The Man came home from Important Land and made a quick run down the street to put gas (?) in the truck.

Him: Wow! Did you know there wasn't any oil in the truck?

Me: Wow! Olive or coconut? 

Not funny.

I don't know of what he speaks, I only know I wasn't contributing to that conversation.

Listen, kids. Hear that? Yep - my brain exploded. But in a good way. 

That's a quick look at my living room table on ANY GIVEN NIGHT this week.  

Because I was doing some things. 

Thing #1

Reading reading reading. 

Thing #2

Finding some new favorite songs for running. This is what I'm loving this week.  

Might seem a little slowwwww.  What can I say?

I'm just trying not to die on the street.  


Traffic and Weather
By Fountains of Wayne
Hollywood Records
A Forest
Mad Love (Album Version)
Mercury Records

That's a little listen to what's keeping my brain entertained this week. I'm training for my big couch to 5K which, come to find out, involves more than a couch.

I feel kind of tricked. 

Have a great weekend! Check out some new tunes & head outside for a run. 

or walk


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