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Friday Favs...

What happens on Fridays.... 

stays on Fridays. 

Unless it's so fantabulous you have to share.... 

I had a blast with my favorite hilarious friend yesterday on a great field trip. There's a place in Big D called Lower Greenville. 

Come to find out.... there's LowEST Greenville, too. Um, that's where we went.  

Yup! Big Bad Brave Gingers owning the town.  

big wongFotor.jpg

My Friday Favs this week HAS GOT TO BE field trips. I love walking the streets at night. 

uh, wait..... 


Great treasures to be found.

When Val Kilmer says my favorite line in my favorite movie....

do not mess with Doc Holliday


any Field Trip worth it's salt involves food. Of course.  

beautiful food. too bad we didn't know how to say the name of the restaurant.  

and neither does the waiter.... ? whaaaatt?  

Job requirements, people, job requirements.  


and a great dessert bar....miles and miles....

involving an unfortunate choice for us.... "dusted with a white powdery coating" is not the whole story.

Trust me.

Have fun and be brave. Go exploring in a new part of an old part of town.  

Tell 'em Big Wong sent you.  

reneu u.png