Reneu U

Reneu your mind. Reneu your body. Reneu your spirit. 



 Licensed Massage Therapist + Therapeutic Yoga Instructor


Serving Lewisville, Flower Mound, Argyle, Grapevine & surrounding areas.


Take the time to reneu your mind, reneu your body & reneu your spirit.





Thirstee Thursdee

"A-B-C.....easy as 1-2-3

as simple as do-re-mi...."

oh, my childhood and the first imaginary job I ever had on American Bandstand. not...


Ugh. My mom was right. I'm lazy.  

I'm here to tell you there's nothing wrong with being lazy, per se.... 

just don't be dumb about it.  



Meaning find a not-lazy person to do stuff that makes your life easier.  

 Like invent a juice machine. 

Mmmm Mmmmmm!

Fall weather smells like apples and leaves and fireplaces and cinnamon....

Autumn just tastes good.  

Sometimes it tastes like burned oatmeal in my house. How does that happen? 

You don't even want to know..... 

But today it tastes like fresh apple-ginger juice 

and I wish I could be more mature but I can't take it any more... 


Have a Nice Trip - See You Next Fall Juice 

3 HoneyCrisp apples

1' ginger

1 Pear

2 ribs Celery

Handful of chard or other fall greens from the garden

Wash everything in the same colander  

Chop the apple, pear & celery to fit in juicer chute. 

Cram it all in there.

Dare to be lazy ( I will NOT tell my mom) and don't EVEN peel anything. The trusty juicer will take care of pesky details.   

Boom! Juice. In your body.  

Go jump in a big pile of leaves. Preferably your neighbor's.  

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