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Why hump day is making me happy...

Well, it's not because I already went to a great yoga class, dropped some change at Costco AND have dinner in the crockpot because that would be just plain ol' bragging. Nooooo, that's not why hump day is making me so darn happy.....

smiling camel_Fotor.jpg

Well, kids, it all started when I ordered my Sunday subscription of the NY TImes.....  

What I thought  would happen - Me doing the crossword puzzle on lazy Sunday mornings.

What really happened - I read all the clues, guessed at one, and decided to wait for next week's because (duh) it has the ANSWER key. That sucker is SO HARD. My gnat brain exploded immediately. 

But, come to find out, I love the magazine that houses the crazy hard crossword puzzle AND a couple other sections. One of them being the BOOK section. I have been on a dry spell of books. Don't you hate that feeling? In a library with millions of books (ok, maybe that's an exaggeration) and I whine, "but there's nothing to reeeeaaaad" 

Bingo! Found it, thanks to my friends at the New York Times


cuckoo_Fotor.jpg far, so good. And I do mean SO good. 

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