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Thirstee Thursdee

"Raindrops keep fallin' on my head...."

is the way my week is going. Pouring down rain in Belk's and I had to stay in there until I had hot pink shiny sandals (on sale) and a matching pink purse. (also on sale) Yeh, my husband isn't down with that story either but I'm telling you - IT REALLY HAPPENED. 

And then.... 


I went to see my friend for a great massage. Here's the deal - as a busy massage therapist, I know how important it is for optimum health to get regular massages. They're great for all sorts of things from addiction recovery to fibromyalgia to insomnia to depression to chronic pain to carpal tunnel to hangovers, headaches and hangnails....... let's just say massages are perrrrfect as an additional healing tool for anything in the whole world. But it's also so easy to neglect ourselves when we get busy. Herein lies the rub!!!

You KNOW I had to say that at some point. 

I hate to be so cliche' but can I just saaaayy

"Oh my gosh, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven."

After my massage she offered me some tea. Two words - Dee-vine. You know how certain smells and flavors are associated with certain moments and times in your life? Well this will be one of those times. Her genuine kindness made my day.  

numi tea_Fotor.jpg

The rich, silky aroma of chocolate married with velvety smoothness over layers of subtle vanilla and black tea will always remind me. ....

of my new pink sandals, of course.      

reneu u.png