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Friday Favs.....

I love Fridays. Love. Them.  

But it's not for the reasons you think. I work on Saturdays so it isn't for the typical woo hoo TGIF shenanigans reason. 


uh, Reason #1.

I wanted you to be close enough to SMELL this. Close your eyes ( but keep reading ) and smell The Fall. Nutmeg scented whipped cream. Hello, football season. But still 127 degrees here in Texas so I get mine iced. in what the Broncos did to the Ravens last night but FAR BE IT FROM ME to brag. 

Reason #2

Heading over to a friend's tonight for a quick 90 minute gab fest on how great these oils are. I use them at home for cleaning and natural health (like *gasp* replacing over the counter meds) Who knew? Awesome stuff.

But anyhoo, it's really a fun time (maybe not as fun as being in a dorm and hiding in your roommates closet to scare the crap out of them and watch those pina coladas FLY) but it's sane, sensible MATURE fun (*sigh* I guess I did cross over).  We share different uses, new remedies & recipes, eat, talk smack and hang out.  According to my daughter, using terms like 'talk smack'  defines me. as old.  

OLD and WISE I say...

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