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monday motivation

Butter Legos.  


Just as cute....only different. 

Favorite line EVER in a blog - "I love this bar  so much I want it to become a person so I can take it to Las Vegas and marry it." Killed me in mi casa.


I made the cutest little bite size cookies to match the baby buttah sticks.  

Awesome day for my family. And, no, it wasn't a national holiday.


Do you ever look in your garden and think "What the Jerusalem artichoke IS that out there?" Me neither. I don't even know what a Jerusalem artichoke is.

I use other "What the ____??" isms that my Grandpa Amsberry taught me. 



Mother Nature hates me right now. She's prolly all talking to her friends like "Can you believe that ho don't even KNOW how to throw some water out here?" And she'd be right.  I'm afraid to go near this Swiss Chard out of healthy respect for what might live under there. 


More than a few angry fairies, I'm sure..... 


But heyyyy, it's a new day. Full of Monday Motivation. And this one brings immediate results.  You guessed it - gardening.  Thanks to my new BFF over at this fun site  - workouts don't have to make you feel like your middle name is Cinderella. No drudgery and dread over here, thank you.  Workouts should be fun & full of LIVING. Check out the awesome Ab Burners. 

Make the world a prettier place today. Pull some weeds, plant some flowers, pick up trash....and for Heaven's sake - throw some water out there!  

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