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Thirstee Thursdee

"Think of your fellow man,

lend him a helping hand

put a little love in your heart..."


Remember those lyrics when you hear me crying tomorrow.

I met a friend at the gym this morning for some weight work. So you all know what I'm talking about. Today -  strong like bull.  Juggling my tennis shoes JUST FOR FUN.  Grabbing my yoga bag & books, heading out to teach and walking backwards if I wanna.

Tomorrow - cannot. lift. mascara.

I worked arms today. Tried some new machines. Before you start thinking that I'm all that, let me share how it goes down for me at the gym. I walked up to a quiet machine and sat down, started muscling the bar around - wouldn't budge! 'What the heck?' I thought. Well, I actually thought someone left the 500 lb weight pin in the thing. Uh, nooooo. It had NO weights on it. Z.E.R.O. The bar was too heavy for the muscles I was isolating. Dork alert. The purpose of my post here (oh, IS there one, you ask?) is not to be intimidated by the gym.  Read about new exercises and proper form, grab a friend or.....ask somebody to 'splain stuff sometimes. Seriously, it's only life. Have fun! What's the worst that can happen by being embarrassed at the gym? 


You could be embarrassed at the grocery store, that's what.

Crazy cold day, grabbed my soy chai and headed into the store....oops. And I kind of mumbled a word that the little Girl Scout cookie table did NOT hear. Thank goodness. Hey, that would be an awesome badge!  Real life word skill badges. Stuff you'll use every day as a grown up that spills hot drinks in the doorway of a busy store. 


Back to the point of today's post.

This powdered Peanut Butter. 2 heaping tablespoons it tells you (50 cal, 1 g fat and 8 g protein). I've read about it but today's the first time I tried it. Peanut butter taste & protein without the fat? Girrrrl, I'm already in. 


PBeeYOUtiful Smoothie

1 C Almond milk

1 C ice cubes

1 banana 

2 heaping Tbsp. powdered PB (I bought mine at Sprouts)

1 tsp. bee pollen 

2 Tbsp. Spectrum Decadent Blend

Mix it all up in a blender. By far the easiest, quickest, yummiest smoothie I've had in a month of Sundays.  Fillingggg. Low calorie (280) 8 g (healthy) fat and a respectable protein count (11) for a post workout meal or snack.  I'm not a nutritionist but in my humble opinion I think we are a protein obsessed culture. Studies have shown high protein is ok on healthy kidneys but might cause unhealthy kidneys to work too hard and cause damage. Just my 2 cents and something to think about.  


45 minute arm workout including a 10 minute warm-up incline session on the treadmill

followed by this smoothie

seriously full

and not even whining yet.

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