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thirstee thursdee

"Don't know why, there's no sun up in the sky...

Stormy weather..."

Okayyyyy so I love Billie Holiday as much as the next guy (she was named after me, dontcha know) but maybe we don't listen to her in the dead of yet another wintery mix week if we want to be cheered up. Also maybe don't listen to her when one of us doesn't know how to write a proper English sentence with correct structure that never endzzzz.

Just like winter in Dallas.


And really I just mentioned the winter in Dallas to create the Nor' Dakota snowstorm coming my way when my family in the REAL winter marathon reads this nonsense. I mean, seriously, IMHO, 35-45 degree winters are not that tough on the old constitution. As my grandparents would say...


I'm most def jumping on the plethoric winter citrus bus right about now. So tasty! I juiced up a quick pitcher of Ruby Red TEXAS grapefruits, blood oranges & navel oranges for a burst of flavor and COLOR in my fridge. On an immature aside for a moment...can I just SAYYYY whoever thought of the name blood orange must have been ... i dunno, crushing on Barnabas Collins or Edward Cullens. I don't really want to drink anything that even REMOTELY would make me think of blood. It's just so .... red anyway when my brain wants it to be orange. So there's one hurdle we're crossing already.  Juice should not be complicated. 

Neither should the names of fruits.

It's needs a sexy name like passion fruit. Taken. Darn.

How about rosy navel.

Uh, just no.



Make sure you check out this month's Fitness mag (Mar 14) and torch some winter doldrums (and calories) on the treadmill. So fun!

When your socks match your juice - more calories burned. TRUE fact. 

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