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Why Hump Day is Makin' Me Happy.....


"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once."

~ Albert Einstein

Could you imagine if all the fun, interesting stuff happened at the same time? Or in my case it's more like "Hey, what if all the dogs in the whole world were laying at your feet while you were working and had gas?" Nothing worse in the world. It's like 117 dogs are trapped in that tiny little ball of happy fur that cannot. get. any. closer. to. my. feet. Seriously? 

Ok back to all the fun stuff happening AT ONCE.

1. Thrift Shopping when it's scary. 

2.  ACTIVITIES!!!!!  I am SO doing this.

and making THESE. Who knew it would take 2 days? No wonderrrr they're so dee-lishi-moso.

*For the sake of educational purposes and uh, culture, I like to keep my posts bi-lingual whenever possible. 

3. Grilled Pineapple. To all the folks that say..."So, how do you really KNOWWWW God is real?"

Eat these. Duh.

4. New Perfume

I'm sure it's been around FOREVER and I totally can't even pronounce it. Because I am a grown up, I say, "You know...the one that looks like the top of Barbie with no clothes on..." so there's that.  

Also, while I was visiting my mom in Las Vegas a couple months ago, I picked up THIS on a little therapeutic shopping trip. You had me at jasmine and vanilla. 

5. Pretty churches and road trips. 

My poor husband has become used to me leaning out of the car and screaming


Same goes with him trying to eat something without me arranging the plate, moving his napkin, uh, moving HIM out of the shot...

Life is too short to blaze through it. Remember to slow down, breathe, take road trips, Sunday drives, practice yoga, wear perfume and lean WAY out of your car so you don't miss one single solitary great moment God is giving you.

Joy is meant to be shared.

Or eaten.

Like ribs.

Come see me next weekend and I'll share. 

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