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Tuesday Tips

"We can never know about the days to come
but we think about them anyway.....
Anticipation,'s making me wait
It's keeping me way-yay-yay-iting..."

~ and SING it, Sister Carly

This should probably be a Friday Fav post but.....I can't take it. So excited to head to Colorado in a couple weeks. Tons of fun packed into 5 short days. (The days seeeem shorter because of the altitude. Lack of oxygen to the brain cells catapults me across the common sense line.)

If I knew how to say, "Hey, avocado pork burrito! Come jump up in my face." In espanol, you better believe I would say it. I would yell it embarrassingly loud from the street.

and then wait for it....

...and then pay for it.

Yep! Gonna lug that big ol' last night's burrito up the incline. It won't be pretty but it won't be impossible and that's what counts. 

Then heading over to the west side for my favorite morning food. Yesssss, the amazing chocolate croissant. And I so wish I didn't even KNOWWWWWW. I am NOT hiking that hill twice. 

"....and stay right here
'cuz these are the good ol' days"
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