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Tuesday Tips

"We can never know about the days to come
but we think about them anyway.....
Anticipation,'s making me wait
It's keeping me way-yay-yay-iting..."

~ and SING it, Sister Carly

This should probably be a Friday Fav post but.....I can't take it. So excited to head to Colorado in a couple weeks. Tons of fun packed into 5 short days. (The days seeeem shorter because of the altitude. Lack of oxygen to the brain cells catapults me across the common sense line.)

If I knew how to say, "Hey, avocado pork burrito! Come jump up in my face." In espanol, you better believe I would say it. I would yell it embarrassingly loud from the street.

and then wait for it....

...and then pay for it.

Yep! Gonna lug that big ol' last night's burrito up the incline. It won't be pretty but it won't be impossible and that's what counts. 

Then heading over to the west side for my favorite morning food. Yesssss, the amazing chocolate croissant. And I so wish I didn't even KNOWWWWWW. I am NOT hiking that hill twice. 

"....and stay right here
'cuz these are the good ol' days"

Naughty & Nice Christmas Playlist

Who wakes up and says "I SO hope I get more Christmas Muzac in my face today?" 

No one. No one says that. 


You especially don't say that if Grandpa Amsberry made his annual Tom & Jerrys last night.  Those days are long gone but made for some wonderful memories. That one night a year when 6 year olds in our family could DRINK!

Oh, we didn't really driiiink - we were helpers. Grandpa needed tasters. 

{And I do jest for artistic liberties and the sake of intertaining reading material.} 

We HAD to be at least 10 I'm sure. 

Rosettes are another tasty Christmas tradition in my family.  An easy click on the pic takes you right to a great tutorial.

As a kid you don't really understand the benefits of standing over a boiling VAT of oil holding a wooden stick....


....or why it's necessary to drop molten sugar LAVA into tea cups of water to discover soft ball stage.

Further reinforcing the idea that age appropriate activities in my house were to


Tip from Santa:

One of THE best parts of Christmas and being an adult is activating your own child labor force.

Make your holidays fun and easy -

and let me help you spend your money. 

Check out the following Christmas tunes and create your own Muzac. 

Sorreeee for the marathon music list.

It's so hard to pick just a few.

Some are fun, some for grown-ups, some for fancy dinner soirees you'll be throwing...but it's a little smattering of my all time favorites. 

Smattering is one of those dead give-away words

when grandma has been in the egg nog. 

Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays to you and yours.

From me and mine.

Because I don't know when to stop.

Tuesday Tips

"What I don't like about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day."

Phyllis Diller


Birthday - isms

Howdy from Texas! I hope everyone is having a great morning.

I also hope you all have cake for breakfast.

Whoever invented a cup of cake is my hero.

I like a cup of cake for breakfast about as much as I like a bathtub full of chocolate. 


Birthday festivities commenced yesterday watching football with friends at THE RUSTY BEAGLE. What's not to love when you kick off your birthday weekend with fried pickles and a wing sampler?

ugh I haaate this part....the internet can be a place of fantasy where everything looks so colorful and prittee so I feel I must confess something you may not know about me...

according to mi familia my birthday celebration lasts for the whole month of October.  

Okayyyy, confession over. Now back to me... 

nut house_Fotor.jpg

I've never done anything like this so I thought it would be fun to set some goals. No, not that I've never set goals on my birthday...but that I've never deliberately set goals. *gasp* you say?

Yes, really, I say.

With that being said, I figured it's probably a good idea (according to all the goal setting experts I checked with) to establish goals for some personal & professional growth, financial AND health improvements in order to be a more well rounded (oh, yes please), productive and happy member of society.

Here goes. Welcome to my year.  


  1. Adopt a rescue animal. My 3 dogs, 2 horses and barn kitty might be getting lonely. I've heard Russian Blue cats are most excellent and don't shed. That would probably be the best inside cat to sneak past my husband. He travels; he'll never notice. 
  2. Crochet a whole afghan. I say it that way because of the projects with half of the fringe, the new popcorn stitch I invented on one end of a scarf, the pot holders still looking for a kitchen to call home...Come to find out - actually finishing what you start is good for self esteem. New Mantra "I am not a quitter" 
  3. As a part of being more financially responsible and taking an interest in my retirement plan I resolve to: Give up using credit cards. Even for the "save 15% MORE TODAY RIGHT NOWWWW"  Good Bye impulse shopping - I must quit you.  
  4. MLD training In Houston in May. Happy Mother's Day to me.  
  5. Paint the hallway bath a 'refreshingly light shade of sea spray green invoking the freedom and mysteries of the sea'. Sounds true in my head. If you find that color beam it on over.   In the meantime any color described as fresh, airy & innocent belongs in the bathroom. Like nothin else....
  6. Vote responsibly. I'll start by learning the names & positions of "prominent politicians". Good politics begin at I suggest no whining or complaining on a national level if we haven't even made an attempt to be effective down the street. Guilty. 
  7. Overcome my fear of yeast. I will triumph  with these cinnamon rolls to start.
  8. Run a 5K. Without stopping. That may sound laughable to some, but....can I just sayyyyy...a manageable goal to me is the fact that since I can't even run .75 miles without stopping (or hurling) I am imagining it will feel great to go outside and run for 30 minutes simply because it FEELS GOOD. I lost one of the best friends I've ever had last year to pancreatic cancer and my dad lives with kidney failure and chemotherapy for lung cancer....Not to mention the fact that we all are touched somehow by &^%^$# cancer.  What better way to honor our loved ones than by living a healthy life & using our bodies as God intended. Boo on you, cancer, I say.
  9. Do 15 boy push-ups. Without crying. 
  10. Count my blessings everyday. 



KCeat cupcakes_Fotor.jpg

As cliche as this may sound, I truly believe in the magical benefits of gratitude. Every single thing every single day has value and goodness. If you are reading this post then believe me there are millions of people that would trade places with you in a heartbeat. For a hot shower - for indoor plumbing - for a safe street where kids can play - for religious freedom - for choices.

Share the wealth AND the love. Smile at strangers. Eat cupcakes for breakfast. Be a thoughtful driver. And never ever miss the opportunity to make the world a better place. You are loved and have value beyond belief. 

Share your birthday goals with me! I'd love to cheer you on!  

Friday Favs...

Hello from the barnyard.  

Little Marty loves helping me feed the horses in the morning! 


It's because he usually gets a dog bone as big as his head.  

They're 30 lb biscuits for our Pyrenees but Marty knows he is a big dog trapped in a little dog's body so we all go along with his reality. 


Dash the Wonder Horse

veggie kitty_Fotor.jpg

Misty the Vegetarian Barn Kitty

(the mouse is her frienddddduh) 


Morning runs where I get to wear all the colors in the world on my body at one time is 

Favorite Thing #1


Favorite Thing #2

Chili Weather

Friday Favorite #3

Online Shopping has been sooo fun & colorful lately. I double dog DARE you to click on the picture and not even buy a pair of socks. 

Plus I can pretend to be Swedish even though it's still


Sometimes I pretend to be a woman Lumberjack, too.  

Lumberjacks live where it's cold, right? Marty isn't the only one with a dream.  


 Date Night is another Friday Favorite thing.

Especially when we go places that have matching little mommy & baby tea sets. 

Although with the tiny Barbie cups it just felt a lot like jasmine tea shots.   

Date night is different when you are not 20.   Errr, I mean 21, mom.  

Cutest explanations EVER on being in LOVE.  

I SO would have ordered a dessert on fire.  

But it's still too HOT HERE. 

a little side note:   

'Somebody' had a root canal and 2 crowns put on today. Soooo... 

I planned on Somebody being a big baby and I would be making eggs & pancakes for dinner and skittering around the house like an indentured servant.

Then I could make fun of him on the WORLD WIDE WEB because I am a compassionate wife that way. But nooooo - he felt great and wanted to go out.

Ruined my night.  

Friday Favs...


Okayyyyy already. I get it. I've finally relinquished hold on the A/C. I shouldn't even admit that but I am SO HOT. Not in the cougar the hot flash from hell welcome to my life way. So now that you have that critical ( and yet so fascinating) background on me and we have a starting place - hellooooo - you can see why this fabulous weather with all my doors and windows open is my favorite time of year in Texas.

Fall weather lasts about the lifespan of a mosquito so try not to blink a lot during the month of October.  

  1. One of my favorite things about people is their attitude. A great attitude can rock no make up sweat pants day with Cheetos in your cart at the store when you run into Perfect Mom. (This will also blow Cougar Theory straight outta the water so tread lightly and don't play that card often) How many things on THIS LIST are part of your day? If you want to understand more about the physiological response involved in the process and you also want to be as Happy As A Pig.....awesome. They both mention singing. Go figure. 
  2. Pie is a no-brainer in the fall. Period. Summer - ice cream. Fall - pies. *big sigh emoji here*  Why people want to fight against nature is beyond me....My Grandma Amsberry taught me to make pie crusts & pies before I even knew there was such a thing as a recipe. I can still hear her asking me if I could "feel it". She made me close my eyes and work that dough. Try it. It's a great tip for working pie dough LESS. You can feel it come together a lot quicker than you can see it for some reason. Of course that little trick doesn't work with meringue and the high speed mixer so don't be a hero in the kitchen. I refer again and again to this blogMy disclaimer in this case will be "A homemade chicken pot pie completely from scratch will be our Thanksgiving dinner." I'm not a hero in the kitchen either. I just want no one to need a tetanus shot in here or get food poisoning. My simple goal after a meal - Everybody lives. Now for all y'all feeling tricked by a link to a chicken pie and not a REEEAAALLL pie, here's SOME LOVIN' for ya. 
  3. I know I said no PUMPKIN until November but this guy kills me! If the most clever name for a blog doesn't do it for you then I got nothin'. But seriously, think about it...marshmallows roasting outside in the fire pit, football games, sweaters...don't EVEN get me started. And now my gifting for the season is blown since all my friends know what to expect. Cute, tidy jars bursting with that deelish pumpkin butter. No way. Yes, way. 
  4. FALL GARDENING. Yes, that totally deserved all caps for many many many reasons. The first & most pure of heart is the simple reason that I love having my hands in the dirt. It feels good. (Plus when I go right inside and stick them in a bowl of pie dough with my eyes closed.....bam! chocolate pie crust!) oh not really not really. This is the paragraph that requires things to get repeated over and over. and over. Another reason I simply had to use all caps is becuzzzzz when I moved to Texas from Colorado my gardening learning curve was so high. SO HIGH. Then I figured out that spring and fall here are like summer in CO and my life became a lot simpler. I plant things in the fall to carry over winter that my BFF in C Springs planted in her garden in the spring that now have snowflakes on them and they're done. Dead. Frozen. So face for her. I win. Except in English class for run-on sentences. F. 

Last but not least favorite has got to be Morning Walks. Peaceful. Quiet. Unless a rooster lives across the street from you.  I'm fortunate that a lot of my work occurs in the afternoons and evenings. I've kind of accidentally turned into a 2nd shift person. So when I walk or workout in the mornings A. it's light out so coyotes don't kill me and drag my carcass into the woods. B. I'm not panting behind a school bus. C. Most of my normal neighbors have gone to work so they don't see me tripping up the street. WIn. 


Thirstee Thursdee

 "Sunrise, sunset.....
sunrise, sunset......
swiftly flow the days....."

I wish this post could include a soundtrack so you would know it is not a fiddler on my roof but a proud rooster across the street that helps me greet the day. Every day. All day.

I call him White Noise Rooster now.  


Hang on to your hats and come down off the roof, Papa.

You'll want to be in on today's smoothie.

I want to tell you right now I'm calling it a smoothie to attract the health conscious. It has no greens or veggies in it. You could always add those things to boost the nutritional value. It will not affect the taste, just the color.

Welcome, comma splice, to my post. 


Welcome, ALMOND JOY, to my mouth. 


Almond butter + cacoa powder or cocoa powder - check this out if you are thinking (like me) "hey, what's the diff?" = Almond Joy. Simple math, folks, simple math. Welcome to my brain. It might not be a picnic up in here but we get to have LOTS OF TREATS. Life is full of treats. If you have trouble finding them, call me.

It's comma day at Reneu U,,,,,,, and treat day.


no candy bars were harmed during the creation of this concoction 

8 oz almond milk

1 C ice cubes

4 oz water

1 frozen banana

1 very happy, healthy, generously jumping off the TABLESPOON of cacao

1 T pepita seeds  (the anti-tapeworm smoothie just wasn't doing it for me as a title) 

1 T coconut butter  


Garnish with fruit. Whipped cream is optional, however, I must say, to exercise your rights as a grown up and consume a milkshake (faux or not) whenever you want an amazing way to be present and connect with the sunrise.

Or sunset. 

If you're like Mr. White Noise across the street then it doesn't matter WHAT TIME it is.  

Friday Favs...

Hello to the first Friday in October. I'm so in love with you.   



Pumpkin Schmumpkin. October is the month of the apple.  

I knowwww that's not a popular opinion but I'm giving props to the apple.  

Pumpkins = pumpkin pie = Thanksgiving = November. Rules, people, rules. 

apple bread_Fotor.jpg
  1. I made this APPLE BREAD.   It lasted less than 24 hours in my house. Super quick and easy. The only thing I did differently was to drizzle  melted butter mixed with brown sugar & vanilla over the whole masterpiece before baking. As if canned biscuits slathered in vanilla glaze needed a little oomph. It's never enough, she sighed. Never enough. 
  2. Speaking of never enough as in never enough TIME. Puh-leeeze. Where does it go? Well, half my life now goes to Scandal & Netflix thanks to my best frenemy. Pass the guacamole. I can't take it. Thankfully I can check in for a quick 12 minute workout in between episodes.  The Fittnessista has another insane (in a good way - not the hug myself jacket way) way to sneak in some quick EFFECTIVE (yowza) cardio. 
  3. As a massage therapist, I've used all 3 of these products. Love them! Love love love. Grandpa's Garden has these great microwaveable mini blankets. A friend going through the chills of chemo showed me hers. Awesome to lay on, warm your couch or add a nice, comforting warmth to your lap or chest. Heads up! They have a great sensory integration application. Very soothing & grounding.  Mother Earth Pillows carries other products my clients love. Crazy when October brings cooler weather and I bundle my little massage peeps with hand warmer mitten things, heart warmers for the chest.....aaahhhh. I wish I could work 24/7. Ok, calm down, crazy girl, you do not. I don't. I don't wish that but I DO love my job.  And...something I use DAILY, every day, all day till the midnight hour is this magical water bag.  I do not know how my friends at Body Logic in Dallas do it, but I swear when I order something it's on my doorstep within a couple days. Phone calls, subbing items out of stock for a more deluxe version at no extra cost, personalized's like they KNOW ME or something. (and they don't, I'm kidding, but they do make me feel like a rock star) Hey, look, #1 - 1 favorite thing,  #2 - 2 favs, #3 - wow! 3 favorites...The party is O.V.E.R.
  4. Another Friday Fav.  Souper McSouperson.   My newsletter this month includes a really creamy, comforting bowl of well, basically, warm coconut milk with some veggies tossed in. But when it comes to REAL food bloggers on their A Game - I respect the greatness. Follow me to the Mother Ship of SoupI want to be her neighbor and pretend to be sick. All the time. Phone rings, "Hey, Karen, it's me. I just stepped on a Lego. Can I have some soup, please?"  I'm SO doing that.  Please let me know your favorites and be sure to let Karen know, too. (That increases my odds of getting free soup) 
  5. favorite treasures I found recently are these Kantha Quilts from India.   "Like our fingerprints, no two of these authentic, hand-sewn vintage quilts are the same. And like each of us, their imperfections and quirks are what make them unique and interesting. From the birthplace of yoga, they are perfect for use while meditating or entranced in yoga nidra. Tote your own distinctive blanket to yoga class for the ultimate in comfort and style. Or just throw them over you and your loved ones..."   My friend, Gloria, has an import business (the coolest, most down-to-earth jet setter you will ever meet) and sells these at a local yoga studio.  They do not stay in stock. Literally fly off the shelves when she gets her shipment in.  Contrary to popular belief, yoga chicks in stretchy pants DO kick and pull hair when these quilts come in. 



I am loving a lot of things today. Fridays are awesome.

And here's another reason why:  

"want you to know how much the holding of poses in yin helped for my biopsy. Had to be completely still. For 30 minutes. Laying down. Have done harder yin poses than that. Slept thru it. The practice of yoga and all it entails made a big difference."  

I woke up to that text from a student today and my heart filled with gratitude. Gratitude for the teacher that taught me so I could teach someone else. When you share something and see it have positive applications in real life scary makes your day. Because it's not about the teacher - it's about the student. Whoot! You go, girl! Rock that big yoga brain. 

Since my middle name is Irreverent  -  hopefully I get to see her stitches...

Never enough. Someone just doesn't know when to stop. 



why hump day is making me happy...

It's almost embarrassing to say...but right now hump day is making me happy because all the fall shows are starting this week! My DVR is on fiyah.  

And what the what is on CeeLo's head??  Is it real? Is it permanent?

Does his mom know he did that?  

This week it's boring to be me because another GREAT reason I'm sooo happy is (drumroll....wait for it....wait....) My bathroom is sparkling clean!! I knowwwww it doesn't take much to make me happy (obvi) and yes, refer to above pic because that is my life, but really! Who doesn't love a clean countertop? Makes me so happy when I'm not prying the mascara off the toothpaste and I totally hate when I think window cleaner works as well as hairspray.

Um, NO would be the answer to that.  


....and the crisp, cool weather is the perfect time to enjoy being outside.


My favorite mug that I used Monday night when ALL MY BOYFRIENDS were being rockstars. You might not be able to tell but it was filled to the brim with marshmallows. Yes, I'm THAT person. I like a little hot chocolate with my marshmallows. Oh my gosh what a great idea! I'm totally gonna PACK my cup with marshmallows (ok, I'm kinda tired of typing that word now) and then drizzle CHOCOLATE SYRUP in my cup and THENNN add just a little bit of hot chocolate.          

If there's room left.


When I plopped my cocoa self down in front of the game Monday Night, The Man looked at me like I had ear muffs on all 3 of my heads. Puh-leeeeze, I'm not a moron. 

It's 75 at night here in Utopia

Freeeezing! Perfect weather for football,  hot tubs & hot chocolate.  

Friday Favs....

Yo, Friday, we got this.


Something friendly about a Friday. Like all your hard work is noticed when Friendly Friday rolls around and says, "I'm putting my feet on the furniture." 

Living fearlessly is like being a kid - with grown-up privileges.  

If you're like me the grown-up part never enters the equation. The Man came home from Important Land and made a quick run down the street to put gas (?) in the truck.

Him: Wow! Did you know there wasn't any oil in the truck?

Me: Wow! Olive or coconut? 

Not funny.

I don't know of what he speaks, I only know I wasn't contributing to that conversation.

Listen, kids. Hear that? Yep - my brain exploded. But in a good way. 

That's a quick look at my living room table on ANY GIVEN NIGHT this week.  

Because I was doing some things. 

Thing #1

Reading reading reading. 

Thing #2

Finding some new favorite songs for running. This is what I'm loving this week.  

Might seem a little slowwwww.  What can I say?

I'm just trying not to die on the street.  


Traffic and Weather
By Fountains of Wayne
Hollywood Records
A Forest
Mad Love (Album Version)
Mercury Records

That's a little listen to what's keeping my brain entertained this week. I'm training for my big couch to 5K which, come to find out, involves more than a couch.

I feel kind of tricked. 

Have a great weekend! Check out some new tunes & head outside for a run. 

or walk


friday favs..

Mmmmm Mmmmmm, Friday. Here you are for me to love all over again.

My 'work' this weekend is some intense Teacher Training with my friends over at Yoga Bridge.  

Cannot wait....I'll let you know how wonderful it is. 

But in the meantime, to keep my Are-We-There-Yet brain occupied - here's what I did:

Thing #1

Went to my friend's class on Wed morning. As a teacher, yes, I risked (and received) ridicule when I rolled in with a mat in this condition. Well deserved & well worth it, too. 

G.L.O.R.I.A.'s class stretches, heats and tickles my whole asana. Any teacher that tells me to reach my right leg to Kountry Donuts while my abs are on fi-yah is my compadre.  

Thing #2: 

coconut oilFotor.jpg

I cooked some stuff.

I love Maya Tiwari and one thing I learned from her is the power of music.  When anything in the kitchen is being created and lovingly scorched, I have music playing.

The healing energy is infused into the product and whoever is on the receiving end - gets all the love!! 

 (I honestly believe The Man doesn't notice blackened toast if I was loving him and shattering glasses with my squalling while I made it) 

there you have it. Real life with Honey, No No.  

By Thomas Barquee

Check the studio or contact me for Sore Muscle Stuff and Chest Rub Stuff.

It's that time of year, kiddos!  


Bonus Thing. 

Thanks, Carol, for the beauties in the studio.  

monday motivation

The day started out innocently enough.


And got out of hand in a heartbeat


which leads to two things:
What to do with all the blueberries (duh)


and how to CAMOFLAUGE the calorie bonanza. Yikes...

Monday Motivation Workout

(which is AWESOME this week btw)   

Thrills N Hills

There are some insane hills near my house, which luckily are just a hop-skip-n-a-jump (or more like 10 minute walk/jog thing I do) away. Sooooo, when I get there I go up and down the hill while my neighbors peek out their windows to make sure I'm not a casing the neighborhood.  Because, seriously, I go up and down the street about 6 times. Ouch-a-rific for the thighs. When it comes to workouts, my brain shrinks to the size of a gnat with about the same attention span, so it's up to ME to keep it entertained. I walk up the hill - wait for it - sideways with deep lunges. I've been know to walk down backwards. Sometimes I run up it and pretend I'm Rocky. I actually pretend like I'm being chased by walkers  but that gets TOO SCARY for me and I want to go home. 

Ok, long story short (or longer) I jog over to the hills, play around up and down until I'm all sweaty and my thighs start crying, then I walk home. 

backwards. all the way. swear. 

monday motivation

 "You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry, don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way." ~ Walter Hagen 


When I stop and smell the flowers in my back yard I usually get a grasshopper up my nose. Is it just me or are these crazy things as big as hummingbirds this year? Sheesh! 

They can lift a whole watermelon from my garden and I'm NOT EVEN lying. 


Luckily, some of the flowers in my yard are survivors. OH! Don't EVEN get me started. I've watched every season every year and I can attest that EVERY friend I have is probably tired of me when SURVIVOR starts. Because the world stops. Everything stops. Cook dinner? Whhaaat are you talking about? These people are surviving on rice & ants.  It's real. They could DIE. 


whoops. sorry - went a little wacko for a second. Kids, see what TV does to your brain?  


Here's a little monday motivation for those dog days of August summer when even your WELCOME MAT is tired.  


30 minute walk outside  

10 sun salutations (slo mo burpees & add a couple lunges & push ups) 

Choose your ab love here 



And some loving advice from my glass half full mom - "Oh for crying out loud, Josie! There's ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Some kids don't even have a dog to pick up dog poop after. So be happy you have a dog, take your brother and get back outside and clean that $h!t up!" 

Go make it a great Monday and be positive. Like my mom. 

Why hump day is makin' me happy

I love this weather....I love this weather....get jiggy with it. I love this weather...'cuz that's the way - uh huh uh huh - I liiiike it.  sing it with me now.  Lemme hear ya!!

Cool, overcast...oh yeh! Bring on the apple cider and party like it's 2013. 


Ok, seriously, how many SONGS can I mush into a simple HUMP DAY post?

sorry that I'm not sorry.

Oh. Good. Grief.

Oh. Good. Grief.  If you see me around town….

chances are I'm cluelessly standing next to someone wearing this shirt.

Reneu U I'm with Stupid

Coming up for AIR from my new obsession - The Walking Dead Marathon. A couple things I would TRYYYYY to do differently:

A. I would keep track of Carl
B. I would wear more make-up
C. I would NOT engage in heavy petting in  the woods with ONE EYE open. Sheeshhh!! You think toddlers pounding on the door is bad...oh, honey, never.

Where have I been?  Thanks to my new bff - I've Netflixed my brain off all weekend to prepare for the big AMC marathon and be caught up with THE REST OF THE WHOLE WORLD.

reneu u.png