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They Say Sharks Eat Their Young...

And I’m sure not ‘they’ mean all the time. Probably just the 18 year old baby sharks that say things like , “Because I’m smaaaarter than you guys…” when you’re taking them to college to get-this-financial-stuff-&-your-outrageous-schedule-undercontrol-for-once-and-for-all.  So, let’s say, uh, stressful times.

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And so it begins. She’s ready to leave for college. In a big way.  Anybody wondering HOW big? How about a 2 weeks overdue 10lb baby that’s entrance into the world is decided by The Man’s calendar that says, “Nope. That Monday is booked with a very important meeting already…”   But no resentments here.  What’s another week to cart around that bundle of joy in my lower abdominal cavity?

Reneu U Blog

First stop. Important. Because it’s hard to pay attention without beans in your stomach. It’s also hard to breathe when you’re touring campus downwind from someone. Let’s just say it was not a girl and his name starts with D and I’m married to him.

Whoa. Airing all THAT dirty laundry can wait.

Back to the college growing up time to leave GET-HER-OUTTA-HERE event.

We got home after successfully figuring out how to say “yes” to a big ‘ol TEXAS sized loan and it all started to sink in that this is really happening. I almost thought I was starting to weaken and get sad. (and even decide maybe NOT to eat her yet) I knoooooow she has to move on so I thought it would be healthy if I thought of the pros and cons.

Reneu U Blog

Things I won’t miss: looking for the PAIR to my earrings because someone just needed ONE.

Reneu U Blog

Things I WILL miss: the cool nail polish colors. I know she’s gonna take them. No resentments. She had to unload a LOT of dishes to earn those puppies. And I’ll miss the cool bump she puts in my hair so my ponytail doesn’t look, you know, like somebody’s M.O.T.H.E.R. for crying out loud.

Reneu U Blog

Dang!  I'll miss those shoes, too.  Whoever thought this was healthy is actually STUPID because now all this is just making me really, really sad.  I feel like my heart is breaking into dorky, mama-wama size pieces.  She's leaving.  She's really going away to school.  25 whole minutes up the road.  I hope she visits and earrings. 

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